Ali Brustofski (USA)
I've had the pleasure of working with Mike on multiple occasions and he is always super professional but also so much fun to work with! Mike is really talented and I loved the tracks he made for me. It was an incredible experience to be able to come out to The Netherlands and record and film with him in person. His sessions were quick and to the point, but of course we managed to have a lot of laughs during them! I highly recommend Mike as a producer and videographer - he does amazing work and is one of the best people I've gotten to work with!
Emma Heesters
Mike's help is one of the reasons I reached 50.000 subscribers on Youtube in one years time. His productions are always spot on and very well received by the worldwide audience. Due to the fact that Mike can play multiple instruments and has a lot of knowledge of video and audioproduction, he'll always deliver beautiful results. I'm very grateful that I've met him!
Karlyn (Karlijn Verhagen)
I've been working with Mike for over three years and I still really like our collaboration! Mike works fast, he's comfortable playing about every instrument and working with him is always a lot of fun! Really like his productions and his videos are beautiful. And in case you want something changed in the production, he'll redeliver really fast! I'm really glad that I found someone like Mike. He's really talented and can collaborate with a lot a people.
I've worked with Mike (MainGrounds) for two times now and it has always been a very positive experience. The gear is professional and Mike is a musician with a lot of experience. I surely recommend MainGrounds and hope to work with him more often in the future.
Kay (Spain)
Mike was a dream to collaborate with! From song-writing to composing to basically owning at every single instrument known to man (ok, ok, just the piano, the bass, the guitar, and the drums...), I couldn't have asked for a more well-rounded experience as a singer. Even while recording the video or at our onstage collaboration for MainGrounds, he's versatile, multitalented and a team player. Mike's professionalism and commitment to his craft is truly inspiring, and he'd be a joy to work with for any musician or recording artist.